Sierra Leone : Elyx praises the UN response to Ebola crisis

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Ever since landing in Sierra Leone this morning, Elyx took a few precautions such as washing its hands a number of times. Elyx knows that even though Ebola has receded, one should still be vigilant. Elyx was sad to hear that after a few weeks of no new Ebola cases, a woman recently died of Ebola.

That is why the UN has not given up its efforts to combat the scourge. The fight must go on until there are no longer any cases of Ebola. An Ebola free environment is declared after 42 days of no reported cases. But even after a country has been declared Ebola free, the UN continues its work to help the population that has much suffered in the last years. UN is in Sierra Leone to help people rebuild their lives, to kick-start the economy, repair the infrastructure and reopen schools.

Elyx was stunned by the numbers: since December 2013 when the epidemic began in three countries- Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, more than 11.000 of the 28.000 people touched by Ebola have lost their lives.

Seventeen UN agencies have a considerable presence in the three countries. UNMEER is the UN’s coordination organism against Ebola.

Thousands of children were orphaned, as witnessed in this orphanage in the out-skirts of Freetown where the World Food Program brings much needed food.