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After a historical trip exploring the cultural sides of Budapest in Hungary, Elyx decided to take the long, but exciting trip back to Latin America, to discover the beauty of Brazil.

Elyx started the Brazilian adventure in Rio de Janeiro, where he was welcomed by Valéria Schilling and the staff of the UN Info Center in Rio. Together with many UN agencies as UN WOMEN, UNICEF, ACNUR, they are working hard to improve the conditions for the most vulnerable communities, such as Santa Marta, which was Elyx first stop.

Once a dangerous area due to drug trafficking, the community in Santa Marta now enjoys freedom, more access to basic services, employment opportunities and education. Elyx was able to see this through the street art on the houses, which expresses the community’s desire for long lasting peace and safety.

After exploring the hidden beauty between and on the streets of Santa Marta, Elyx took a moment to admire one of Rio de Janeiro’s landmarks, Christ the Redeemer statue. The famous spot on top of the Corcovado Hill, has hosted many important UN celebrations such as the UN Refugee Day and Zero Discrimination event.

Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the most iconic landmarks in Brazil.

A trip to Rio is not complete without a visit to the amazing beaches the city has to offer. Elyx put sunscreen on and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the Ipanema beach.

Elyx on Ipanema beach.

Brazil is also well known for having one of the greatest biodiversity in the world and UN organizations like PNUMA have worked hard to encourage citizens to preserve the wildlife and fauna of the country. Therefore, Elyx’s last destination was the Tijuca Forest, which is an example of sustainability and how it is possible to reverse the impact of deforestation by fostering the integration of green spaces into the city. Elyx decided to leave the city greener by watering the plants in the forest.

Tijuca Forest Rio de Janeiro
Elyx watering plants in the Tijuca Forest.

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