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Niger: Elyx learns how UNICEF health teams are helping

Last Monday Elyx traveled to Niger. The UN digital ambassador promised to come back as soon as possible and here Elyx is again today! The ambassador could not miss the opportunity to join UNICEF Niger on a round of vaccinations within the framework of the National Polio Immunization Days. Elyx really wants to lend a hand by tagging along with the team from Madaoua health district, in Tahoua region, and making house calls with them to vaccinate children under five years old against polio.

The ambassador is delighted to hear that in Niger, huge achievements have been made in eliminating polio, a crippling and potentially fatal disease that mainly affects children under the age of 5. #Vaccineswork

UN staff show Elyx the vaccines they use to help protect children from Polio. (Photo Credit: UNICEF Niger)  

Elyx is also thrilled to see that the Takorka Integrated Health Center is well equipped with vaccines against polio.

Elyx is happy to see so many 'V's which mean that children have been vaccinated. (Photo Credit: UNICEF Niger)

UNICEF colleagues tell Elyx to mark the doors of visited houses to indicate that vaccinators have already been there. The UN digital ambassador also notes date and time, adds a V meaning that there were children in the house and draws an arrow to point at the direction that the team took. What a huge job!

Elyx takes a vitamin supplement too! (Photo Credit: UNICEF Niger)

Elyx also notices that vaccinators seize the opportunity of this campaign to administer vitamin A supplements to children from 6 months to 5 years old. Indeed, as Elyx knows, vitamin A plays a paramount role in the prevention and treatment of malnutrition and helps fight against visual deficiencies. Of course the digital ambassador wants his dose too.

Elyx joins the mothers gathering to receive medical assistance (Photo Credit: UNICEF Niger).

Back at the health center, Elyx is glad to see many mothers lining up with their children to receive adequate care by health professionals. UNICEF colleagues are really doing a great job in Niger and the UN digital ambassador can only congratulate them.

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