Photo Credit: UNHCR

Lebanon: celebrates the UN70 Day events in Lebanon

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Elyx has visited Lebanon before to learn more on the work and programs of UNRWA, but today our digital ambassador is invited again to Beirut for a very special occasion: UN 70 day events! An engaging and exciting celebration awaits our digital ambassador and the UN Country Team of Lebanon is excited to meet and welcome Elyx, who is the guest of honor of this very special day. Following the official opening session, where Elyx is greeting everyone, our digital ambassador attends the three Panels and round tables organized specifically for this event. Elyx participates attentively to all of them, being particularly impressed by the one regarding the perspectives on Lebanon for the 2030 and by the round table on Environment. Our digital ambassador is glad to assist to a vivid dialogue and discussions regarding the newly adopted Agenda 2030 and about climate change for the upcoming COP21.

Elyx participates to the UN70 Day in Lebanon! (Photo Credit: UN in Lebanon)

After a busy, but very interesting morning, Elyx is