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Kenya: Elyx sees the UN headquarters in Africa

Elyx arrives today in Kenya, a republic located on Africa’s eastern coast, whose ethnic diversity has generated a vibrant culture. Elyx immediately heads to the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON), the capital city. This complex, established by the General Assembly in 1996, is the UN headquarters in Africa.

UNIC Nairobi colleagues say “Karibu” to Elyx, which means “welcome” in Swahili, the East African region’s main language. No wonder, on the grass in the main roundabout stands a huge and shiny 3-D structure reading KaribUNi, which plays on the popular greeting and the United Nations acronym. The intended effect, that anyone is welcome on UN grounds, is achieved: Elyx feels already at home!

Elyx is delighted to see so many interested students at the UN complex! (Photo credits: UNIC Nairobi)

Elyx assists to the arrival of a sizeable group of students! This is because the UN in Nairobi offers its visitors tours of the UN complex, a great opportunity for people from all over the world to visit the structure and learn more about the UN’s role and work.

loves UNON’s building! (Photo credit: UNIC Nairobi)

Elyx, guided by UNIC colleagues, joins the tour around the huge compound, which is located in a verdant setting and houses UNEP and UN-HABITAT offices. Elyx is delighted to learn that this energy and carbon-neutral structure has become a showcase for sustainable buildings. Indeed, the use of recycled water, natural light and ventilation makes this compound fit perfectly with the UN’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight against climate change, as stated in the newly adopted SDGs.

Elyx is dazzled by children’s curiosity in the UN! (Photo credit: UNIC Nairobi/ Tirus Wainaina) 

Finally, UNIC staff brings Elyx to one of the United Nations educational outreach activities, as part of a general programme aiming at informing children about the UN and its work through short stories. Elyx also learns that other activities in the UN outreach programme aim at providing direct assistance to the needy in local communities, such as jigger-infested children. Indeed, this parasite infestation is, unfortunately, common in Sub-Saharan Africa and can lead to amputation or even death in the worst cases. Hence, UN’s help is highly needed!

After such an exciting day, Elyx thanks UNIC Nairobi colleagues and gets ready for its next destination!

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