Jordan: Elyx astounded by the beauty of Petra

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Another day, another country. This time is the Kingdom of Jordan. A country bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and east, Iraq to the northeast, Syria to the north, and Israel and Palestine to the west.  UN has a large presence in Jordan with 17 Agencies, Funds and Programs, including the WFP, UNESCO, UNHCR, FAO, WHO, UNICEF.

Elyx visiting the UN Women-led ‘Women and Girls Oasis’ in District One of the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan.

Elyx’s first visit in Jordan was to the Za’atari, refugee camp of where the team of Women and Girls Oasis leads a mosaic workshop, where Syrian girls and women create beautiful mosaics for the UN’s 70th anniversary of the UN. The mosaics are to be given to dignitaries on UN day on 24 October.

Elyx is greatly saddened by the tragic stories of the refugees from the Syrian crisis. Jordan has along history of welcoming refugees in close partnership with the UNHCR office in the country. Refugees make up more than 10 percent of the population of the country. Elyx was also introduced to the Cash Project led by UNHCR and UNICEF.

Elyx Visits the Ghor el Safi Women’s Cooperative @UNESCOJordan Project “Empowering Rural women in the Jordan Valley”.

Inspired by the creativity of the Syrian women and their mosaics, Elyx was inspired to do something artistic itself, and so took part in a training project on ceramic pottery designing. The little digital ambassador had a lot of fun with Mariam who patiently helped Elyx in this artistic adventure. What is a trip to Jordan with out visiting the site of the ancient city of Petra? A city dating back to 7000BC, between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. It is half built, half carved into red rocks.

Elyx is astonished by the beauty of the Petra Park.

Elyx is astonished by the beauty of Petra and is delighted to hear from UNESCO colleagues the progress that has been made to ensure the stability of Petra Park.

The WFP in Jordan provides constant help in order to tackle food insecurity in refugee camps and in the poorest regions of the country. Jordan is particular vulnerable to food scarcity due to the lack of agricultural land, scarce water supply and limited energy resource supplies. The flux of refugee seeking shelter has increased this vulnerability, making WFP’s work even more necessary. Refugees count for more than 10% of the country’s population. Through the visit, Elyx discovered that the training project is part of the WFP’s cash-for-training program in order to help the government to reduce unemployment.

Elyx also visits Sufyan who is currently doing a diploma in car mechanics at the University of Jordan, all thanks to WFP’s Cash for training programme which allowed him to get credit hours and make payments to the university without his family suffering. For the first time in 2 years his family doesn’t have to worry about food during tuition payment time. Sufyan tells Elyx that on job training and WFP support were the keys he needed to finish his diploma, and he will search for a job right after he finishes.

ElYX is a shocked by how much Sufyan has learned with the WFP’s support.

Our digital ambassador also learned that UNESCO is helping disadvantaged rural women of the Ghor el Safi region and elsewhere improve their livelihoods through income-generating activities, while promoting cultural and traditional industries. An example is the production of natural died handicrafts, according to the traditional Omani technique for the creation of a rare shade of blue color, the indigo.

Elyx and Mariam were having fun while learning on ceramic pottery designing through cash for training project under PRRO in Jordan.

Elyx was overwhelmed by everything seen and learned about Jordon, particularly the efforts and solidarity showed by the country to address the refugee crisis together with the coordinated help of the UN family team. With these good memories, Elyx is ready to say goodbye to Jordan, for now.

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