Hungary: Elyx in Ban Ki-moon’s foot steps

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After a long trip from Peru, Elyx arrived in Hungary, exhausted, but curious. In 1956, when the Hungarian uprising was at its height, the activism of a twelve year old Korean boy was sparked. Together with his classmates he wrote to the then UN Secretary-General for an intervention. This boy became the current UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, who was made “Hungarian Hero of Freedom” in 2006.

Intrigued by this story, Elyx travelled to Budapest to follow in Ban Ki-Moons foot steps. It did not take long before the virtual ambassador was welcomed by the kind people of UNICEF, IOM, WHO, ILO, FAO and UNHCR Central Europe. They wanted to give Elyx the grand tour of the historical quarter of Budapest, which would surely interest him.

The first thing they showed the virtual ambassador was the Hungarian parliament. Elyx, unaware of the beauty of the 19th century legislative building, stood in complete awe when gazing upon the enormous structure. Overwhelmed by emotions, Elyx threw himself on to the building and hugged it with great admiration. And still there was so much left to see.

 Elyx Budapest, Hungary (3)    
Elyx in front of the Medieval Matthias Church.(Photo Credits: UNIS Vienna/Judit Vadlovo and David Kasza)

When they came across the statue of Saint Steven, Elyx jumped on the back of the horse to get a proper view of the city, and joined the 11th century king on his trusty steed. Sadly Elyx could not enjoy the majestic sight for too long, as the UN staff was eager to get to the Medieval Matthias Church which Elyx found just as impressive.

Elyx Budapest, Hungary (4)
Elyx hanging out by the Danube River.(Photo Credits: UNIS Vienna/Judit Vadlovo and David Kasza)

After a busy day Elyx was exhausted and needed a nap before taking off to Brazil. Budapest was still sleeping as Elyx woke up to a beautiful view over the famous Chain Bridge and the Danube River. This was a perfect time  to see the Parliament, which is part of a UNESCO world heritage site, lit up in the dark, before saying goodbye to Hungary.

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