Elyx hangs from the staircase of the UN City, which is situated right in the centre of the star-shaped building.(Photo: WFP/ Emma Bech Christensen)

Denmark: Elyx bikes to UN city in Copenhagen

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Up bright and early in anticipation of visiting the UN City in Copenhagen, Elyx set out to showcase the work of the UN in Denmark. Host to 10 UN agencies, the UN City a star-shaped polygon building has been awarded prizes for its Eco-friendly structure. Eager to get started, Elyx, almost broke a couple of speed limits while riding the bicycle to the UN City.

Elyx in front of the UN City waiting to taste the WFP high energy biscuits.
Elyx in front of the UN City waiting to taste the WFP high energy biscuits.(Photo: WFP/Rebecca M. Bushby) 

The World Food Programmes (WFP)’s Nordic Office is one of the largest UN agencies in Denmark. The country is one of the key contributors to the WFP. The UN staff members were keen to guide Elyx throughout the building.  Elyx had a busy day visiting UNDP, UNEP, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNOPS, and UN Women, the UN’s youngest agency. Elyx was impressed to hear that the World Health Organization (WHO) has been represented in Denmark since 1956.

Elyx enjoys the view over the Øresund strait and the many windmillsElyx enjoys the view over the Øresund strait and the many windmills. (Photo: WFP/ Emma Bech Christensen)

Elyx admired the amazing view over the Øresund strait between Denmark and Sweden from the top floor of the UN City. From there Elyx could not help but notice the windmills, a very common sight in Denmark. Windmills produce around 30 to 40 percent of all energy used in Denmark, meaning that Denmark is a front-runner when it comes to meeting the requirements of Sustainable Development Goal number 7: “To ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all”.

Elyx rides the bicycle – as does many of the employees in the UN CityElyx rides the bicycle – as do many of the employees in the UN City.(Photo: WFP/Rebecca M. Bushby) 

After spending the whole day inside the UN City, Elyx picked up the bike again and took a tour through the bicycle-friendly city of Copenhagen, smiling all the way…


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