Czech Republic: And Now to the Golden City

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The hop from Vienna to Prague is a short one. Elyx heads straight for UNIC Prague in the historic centre of the capital of the Czech Republic.

Elyx’s first stop in Prague is at UNIC. They will guide Elyx through the Czech Republic’s capital city.

Visiting the beautiful ancient city, the historic capital of Bohemia, Elyx understands why the City is also called the Golden City. Many of the buildings in this area are layered with a yellow-gold colour, catching and reflecting the sun beautifully. It came as no surprise to learn that the Czech Republic is home to 12 of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. One being this very historic centre of Prague, renowned for its Old Town Square and the famous astronomical clock with its intricate mechanisms and dials to display astronomical information, such as the relative positions of the sun, moon, zodiacal constellations, and sometimes even major planets.

Elyx visits the Old Town Square and its astronomical clock, listed on UNESCO’s Heritage list.

Back at the UNIC-Prague, our colleagues tell Elyx about the special UN70 exhibition that kicked-off four days ago at the Jungmann Square. In the exhibition Elyx is told that the banners on display draw attention to the three pillars of the work of the UN: Peace and security, Development and Human rights. Elyx is delighted with the creative ways in which UNIC-Prague is spreading the word to the general public on the work of our Organisation.

Elyx is invited to visit the UNICEF office to see their most recent collection of Gifts for Life 2015-2016 that was presented to the public on September 16th. Colleagues at UNICEF inform Elyx that people can buy objects used by UNICEF in its missions such as mosquito nets, water purification tablets, tents, bicycles and school supplies. Elyx is more than ever excited to do all it can to spread the word on the precious work of UNICEF for the children of the world.

Relaxing on the river bank of the Charles Bridge, life is good in Prague.

As usual, Elyx picks the best place to take a rest and the perfect spot to relax is by the Charles Bridge where Elyx enjoys the glorious view of the Vltava River. And reflects on the next destination, Jordan!

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