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Armenia: Elyx visits a recent member of the UN (1992)

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Today Elyx arrives in Armenia, a republic located on the border between Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia, at about 1800 meters above sea level!

What immediately strikes Elyx is the geographical variety of the country, where seven main landscape types are represented: from the desert to alpine zones.

Local residents proudly tell Elyx that their country is rich in art and history and that the thousands of monuments scattered all over the republic make Armenia an open-air museum.

Just think that Yerevan, the capital city, alone hosts more than 40 fine arts museums and galleries! Also, did you know that rug and carpet weaving originated in Armenia?

Elyx is glad to learn about the geography and history of the country, but now it is time to head to the United Nations Information Centre, in Yerevan, where colleagues are looking forward for its arrival.

Elyx crosses the Yerevan Republic Square and is quite impressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building! (Photo credit: UNO/DPI Yerevan)

They tell Elyx, Armenia joined the UN on 2 March 1992. Elyx is delighted to learn about the substantial presence of the UN in the country, with 15 agencies, funds and programmes that are coordinated by the UN Resident Coordinator.

Elyx is sad to hear that after a period of economic prosperity, the country was hard hit by the 2008 financial crisis. The UN digital ambassador also heard about the work of WFP colleagues that are also deeply concerned by poverty, which still affects one third of Armenians.

Even though the economy is gradually recovering, WFP assistance is still needed. It includes distributing food to the poor, creating temporary employment and training the unemployed to facilitate their insertion on the market, improving public infrastructure and fostering pre and primary education in vulnerable rural areas.

Elyx then hears that the UNDP is helping Armenia achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7: “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”. Investing more and more into renewables not only would alleviate Armenia’s dependence on oil imports, it would also be beneficial for the environment, to the benefit of present and future generations.

Elyx passes by the Government building of Armenia where on July 31 the third Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for 2016-2020 with a Sustainable Development agenda was signed by the Prime Minister of Armenia and the UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia.(Photo credit: UNO/DPI Yerevan)

Elyx is delighted to learn that the government of Armenia is working in this direction and will implement the UN Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative, whose aim is to raise “the share and affordability of renewable energy, promote energy efficiency and energy saving, as well as create an enabling investment climate for clean energy in Armenia”.

Elyx visits Yerevan Expo! (Photo credit: UNO/DPI Yerevan)

Elyx knows that Armenia is advancing in the field of new technologies and especially in the IT field. The newly launched Digitec Expo in Yerevan perfectly embodies progress!

Elyx is very interested in new technologies! (Photo credit: UNO/DPI Yerevan)

Elyx then meets a group of youngsters who look to be concentrating very deeply. The digital ambassador is dazzled by their talent, skills and eagerness to learn more advanced ways of programming and robotics. Elyx is glad to see that the future of the country is in good hands!

The UN digital ambassador does not want to miss the chance to see the UN House in Yerevan, which also hosts the UN DPI Information Office in Armenia (UNO/DPI), established in 1992.

Elyx at the UN House in Yerevan! (Photo credit: UNO/DPI Yerevan)

Elyx is delighted to see that a huge banner has been hung on the building’s façade to mark the upcoming 70th anniversary of the United Nations!

The end of this enriching day has come, time is short but Elyx really would like to visit at least one UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elyx is spoilt for choice, they are all wondrous…. What to choose between the Cathedral and Churches of Echmiatsin and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots, the Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin and the Monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley?

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